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Our services

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry covers all dentistry departments and deals with improving the appearance of teeth and face.

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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a field of dentistry devoted to the prevention of dental caries and the treatment of already existing cavities.

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Endodontics is a department of conservative dentistry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of tooth pulp diseases

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Pediatric dentistry

The first visit to the dental office is an adaptation visit. It consists in demonstrating to the child instruments and apparatus.

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Dental surgery

In our office we offer a wide range of surgical services ranging from simple extraction (removal) of single and multi-root teeth to the most complex ones, such as screwing in implants.

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Crowns and bridges can be made in a variety of ways and from different materials. Depending on the medical and aesthetic indications, we offer patients metal crowns or gold, veneered with composite or porcelain.

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Periodontics is a periodontal science, a team of tissues that interact with each other in maintaining communication between the tooth and the bone of the jaw or jaw.

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