What is the teeth chiseling?

In our office, we offer a wide range of surgical services ranging from simple extraction (removal) of single and multi-root teeth to the most complex ones, such as screwing implants. Naturally, all treatments are performed under anesthesia using the most effective anesthetics. We perform teeth chiseling (usually the tooth of wisdom) under local anesthesia and if there are indications - in the antibiotic cover. It consists in cutting the mucous membrane over the retained or partially retained tooth and the detachment of the mucosal layer. Then, using a special cutter, the bone covering the tooth is removed. After removing the tooth, the wound is stitched. The procedure usually lasts 20-60 minutes. The sutures are removed after seven days. This procedure is carried out when the teeth are very damaged with caries, or if the tooth can not properly conceal and accept the correct position in the dental arch.

What is a root apex resection?

Resection (single-root or multi-root) is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the apex of the tooth's root together with chronic inflammatory changes periapical. After cutting off the tip of the root, its end is filled with an airtight material. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The great advantage of this treatment is the ability to cure the tooth without removing it.

What is the alveolar surgery?

It is a surgical procedure involving the reconstruction of the alveolar bone after tooth extraction using a special osteogenic preparation. It aims to restore the original bone shape for further prosthetic or implantological treatment.

What is the plasticity of the frenulum?

The frenulum is a band of connective tissue attached to the back of the upper lip and to the gum just above the upper incisors. When it is too short and massive, it should be cut to extend it. The treatment is short, painless and does not cause any major discomfort later. The undercut of the frenulum is important because during the mimic movements the lip attracts the frenulum and the gum with it, causing the necks and roots of the upper incisors to be exposed. In addition, it can also cause a cosmetic defect in the form of diastema (breaks between ones).

What is a hemisection?

Hemisection is a dental procedure carried out in damaged and broken multi-root (molar) teeth. It consists in removing one (or more) tooth root under local anesthesia while remaining in the bone the alveolar ridge of the remaining roots. Such a tooth requires later prosthetic reconstruction.