Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry dedicated to the prevention of dental caries and the treatment of already existing cavities. Nowadays, the above treatments are performed in such a way as to leave as much as possible of your own tooth tissues. Appropriately, frequently carried out control visits allow us to detect carious disease at an early stage.

The optimal period between visits is:
- 3 months for children
- 6 months for adults

Treatment of carious disease involves the development and filling of cavities. During the follow-up visits, apart from the treatment of carious lesions, prophylactic procedures are also carried out. The standard is also anesthesia ensuring a painless course of the visit. Compliance with the dates of follow-up visits allows us to avoid costly treatment procedures such as: endodontic (root canal) and prosthetic treatment.

In our facilities you have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods using the highest class devices and dental materials.