White smile in an hour with the Beyond Polus lamp

ABOUT BEYOND - System description

Over the years, we eat colorful food, drink coffee or tea or smoke cigarettes, which makes the teeth begin to darken. Regular washing can remove some of the superficial discoloration on the enamel, but those that have deeply penetrated the tooth structure are difficult to remove in the usual way.

The BEYOND tooth whitening treatment is a disposable one and consists in applying a special whitening gel to the tooth surface and then activating it through the accelerator's light. Bleaching gel is based on hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients whose task is to increase the result and reduce the sensitivity. The bleaching gel under the influence of light from the Beyond Polus accelerator increases the speed of the whitening gel passing through the enamel to the dentine. The light emitted by the accelerator greatly speeds up the process of teeth whitening by increasing the frequency at which hydrogen peroxide compounds break down. This causes a rapid oxidation effect in the middle of the tooth structure, making visible discolorations are broken down into smaller and oxidized ones. The whitening effect is the white, shiny teeth of the patient. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes, but its length may vary depending on the case.

The BEYOND treatment is completely safe, performed by a dentist. Teeth after whitening do not become "more absorbent" for coloring substances, and the durability of the procedure depends to the greatest extent on the patient's life style. The effect remains visible for an average of 2 years.